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The 4 R’s of Affordable Housing

Renew, Restore, Recycle & Revitalize, the 4 R’s of affordable housing. Many projects that organizations pursue to create affordable housing utilize buildings or communities that are already existing. In these cases, the buildings are being recycled and restored to a new home to be inhabited. Occasionally the buildings have not been lived in for some time and they need restored to a livable standard, which ultimately revitalizes the area in which the house resides. There are many instances of these 4 R’s occurring across the United States and even right here in Frederick, MD.

Binghamton, NY

There was a new 37-unit affordable housing development created. The developer First Ward Action Council was able to restore 11 buildings on the city’s Front Street to a livable standard, plus construct a new mixed-use building with two commercial storefronts along with 10 residential units on the site of the former historic Lincoln Hotel which was destroyed by a fire. A location which was once lively was destroyed, but has not been revitalized to a beautiful new community.

For more information on this development: Binghamton, NY

Denison, TX

Over the past decade, city and community leaders in Denison have pushed to clean up the city and encourage renewal in aging, and blighted portions of the city. There have been multiple agreements for affordable housing projects aimed at revitalizing these neighborhoods. In 2015, Denison earned the 2015 Municipal Excellence Award for its affordable housing program. They have had a successful effort in restoring dilapidated buildings that posed health and public safety risks and recycling empty lots without present owners. Denison created a neighborhood empowerment zone which encompassed the area of town where the majority of these buildings were located and were able to partner with 8 different builders to develop 30 lots in the neighborhood zone and a few outside of it which revitalized the area.

For more information on their award and Denison, TX

Washington, DC.

The DC Department of Housing and Community Development continues to acquire vacant buildings in the district to recycle them into new affordable housing units. Recently, the DHCD solicited five different sites in the Anacostia neighborhood to revitalize these neighborhoods and to assist those in need of affordable housing in the area. The current Mayor Muriel Bowser has focused on affordable housing. Since January 2015, the Bowser Administration has produced and preserved over 3,100 units of affordable housing units in the District with more to come. Her approach is to continue renewing the many vacant properties in the District with almost 3,700 more affordable housing units in the developmental pipeline.

For more information on the Bowser Administration: Washington, DC

Hialeah, Florida

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports on a 300 Unit Elderly Rental Affordable Housing Project that was created in Hialeah, Florida. The project not only improved the lives of these new tenants but also has directly revitalized the neighborhood and served as a catalyst for economic growth that helped to spur economic development activities and improvements in the entire neighborhood.

For more information on this project: Hialeah, FL

Frederick, MD

Right here in Frederick, MD, Interfaith Housing Alliance is working hard to bring 59 apartments to downtown Frederick at 520 North Market Street. The building has been used as a school and office buildings. Now it will be recycled and restored to a brand new affordable housing apartment community. This well-loved city icon is being transformed into a mixed income housing development right in the heart of downtown Frederick, thus helping revitalize that area.

For more information on 520 North Market: Frederick, MD

The four R’s are helping individuals, families, and seniors around the country! In addition to directly helping the participants, the properties are helping their direct communities and economies. Buildings are being renewed and recycled which helps keep houses from becoming public health and safety concerns. Communities are being revitalized with new people, new funds coming into the economy, and of course helping those in need!

Renew – Restore – Recycle – REVITALIZE! 


Live Where You Work


Sinclair Way in Frederick, MD

Affordable housing can mean different things to each individual. Why do individuals look into affordable housing? Why do they choose a specific area to look for housing? The reasons and benefits are endless, however there is one common thread. That common thread is the ability to ‘Live Where You Work’.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, the average travel time nationwide is 24.3 minutes to work. In Maryland, the average is slightly higher at 29.1 minutes. Approximately 30 minutes or less to work doesn’t sound that bad right? What if you could get even closer? Living where you work would help benefit your personal and professional life. In addition, it would help save these households money on travel, gas, car expenses, etc.

In Frederick County there are many individuals who are unable to afford a house on their current incomes, let alone additional travel costs. There are many households that earn between $25-50,000 a year which is not nearly enough to afford housing in the county that they currently work, found work, or have lived their entire lives. Households earning between $25K and $50K may include the following:
• A nurse in the first three years of his or her career with a child and spouse that works part time as a cashier
• A teacher, firemen or police officer in the first few years of his or her career
• A recent college graduate working at a local bank
• A retired couple living on their combined Social Security payments

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Nurses, teachers, firemen, and police officers are valuable careers that benefit each and every individual within the Frederick County community. The individuals are in need of affordable housing opportunities so they can live where they work. The ability to live where you work allows these individuals the ability to contribute to the community, stay late at work, provide additional study hours for children after school, be available for emergencies and much more. Could you imagine if these individuals lived so far away that the additional benefits these individuals typically provide were not available due to their travel time and personal obligations outside of the office?

Bottom line is affordable housing benefits everyone. The ability to ‘Live Where You Work’ benefits the individuals who need it and those who will feel their contributions to society. 

Here at IHA we are determined to continue bringing affordable housing to the Frederick Community. Sinclair Way located in downtown Frederick, MD will soon be leasing which will provide numerous housing opportunities to those in need of affordable housing.